History of NATCA/FAA CISM Program

NATCA's Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team was formed in early 1995. After about a year and a half of growing pains, Team members were formally trained using what was then known as the Mitchell Model (developed by Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, founder of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (the link is www.icisf.org) with whom NATCA's CISM Team affiliates…now known as the ICISF model.) This is a peer-based program that offers participants the support they need to facilitate a return to normal functioning. This all sounds very clinical but the reality is that a critical incident can and does often incapacitate people in various ways. The same incident may have no effect on one person and create despondency in another. That's just the nature of the human condition.

If your facility has experienced a critical incident, or an aircraft accident, please call

Call or text 1-202-505-CISM or 1-202-505-2476 to reach the National On-Call Coordinator.