The On-Call Coordinator can be reached by calling or texting 1-202-505-CISM or 1-202-505-2476

The On-Call Coordinator for the CISM Team needs to have a point of contact at a facility after an incident/accident. This is usually the facrep or one of the elected officials at the facility. The facrep (or designee) will need to know and relay the following information to the On-Call Coordinator:

Remember, the reason there is a CISM Team is to assist controllers in getting back to feeling "normal" again which means getting back to working (traffic). Staying away too long from the job can sometimes be detrimental.

Article 74 of the NATCA/FAA Contract Governs CISM



At this time, we do not have an OWCP representative that is exclusive to this Team, but rely on regional reps to provide guidance. If someone is suffering as a result of a critical incident, don't forget that he or she is entitled to file an injury claim through the usual Department of Labor channels. Everyone that has endured a critical incident on the job is urged to file a CA-1 form to document the event. The following is an excerpt from the Federal Employees News Digest (7/00) regarding filing a CA-1:

The filing of a CA-1, however, is not the same as filing a claim. A CA-1 filing gives the employing agency and OWCP notice that a traumatic accident involving an injury has occurred. If a worker fails to file because the injury appears to be minor (or a supervisor or co-worker advises against it) and later the "minor" injury develops into a serious condition, it will be more difficult to prove the injury actually occurred.

Don't forget that the agency is obligated to provide the CA-1 form and there is a 30 day window from the date of the incident to file the form. The aforementioned excerpt also states:

A traumatic injury is defined as an occurrence of an identifiable happening or series of events during a single work shift. A CA-1 should be filed even if the injury appears to be minor or insignificant and apparently would not involve any lost worktime.

Don't forget that a critical incident in our workplace does not leave lacerations, bumps or bruises but can have a significant effect psychologically on the individual.

Never go it alone! Seek guidance when going through this process.